IT tools at 24plus

24plus partners’ forwarding agencies and also their delivery trucks are connected online with 24plus data center. Every collection and every delivery of goods is confirmed by scanner or 24plus app. Furthermore, every packaging item is scanned at every interface, as loading and unloading. So all performance information is stored electronically. Delivery is also confirmed electronically by the recipient.

Mobile and stationary applications are connected by a secured intranet and provide real-time data. Information exchange includes all 24plus partners and optional also their customers. For this reason 24plus raises transparency in the suppy chain to the highest degree.


Powerful IT tools create great opportunities for all participants: Customers benefit from a higher quality of logistics services and can introduce new business models. 24plus partners increase their efficiency. The environment also profits: Higher efficiency means a reduction of emissions.

Tracking systems

These provide information about the current and the expected status of every shipment. Additionally, the 24plus app ensures quick access to information. Select customers are directly connected and receive information directly to their systems.

Running times assessment

The scheduled arrival and delivery time is calculated and dynamically corrected in case of process or transport related delays.

Analysis and research systems

These allow for the measurement of performance and quality at all levels. Among other things, the results are part of the 24plus internal QM ranking (quality assessment).

Central systems

These provide added value for our partners’ customers by being able to operate complex data models.

Procurement logistics

Because of its complexity, procurement logistics is controlled by a dedicated application – including the necessary communication. Just like the 24plus partners, the customers are also connected.


Shipping specifications are controlled via the 24plus@vis tool. This applies to B2B orders as well as to B2C shipments.

Recipient database

Controls particular advice specifications of the recipients.

Clearing systems

For many years, the high quality of data has allowed the partners to balance their services among each other via a central clearing system in a highly optimised fashion and in all of Europe.


With the rise of E-commerce, cash on delivery is becoming more frequent again. 24plus has automated the balancing and payment of cash on delivery for shipping customers and the partners.

Container management system

This system accesses the central data and, in a multi-tiered process, conducts the optimal balancing of containers Europe-wide. The balancing of pallets or pallet cages is organised by the Container management system coordination centre for the 24plus partners.

Digital claims file ClaimX

Transport damages are processed electronically in the form of digital claims files via ClaimX. The application is integrated into the 24plus database. Thereby, ClaimX reduces the work effort and ensures quick processing, which is in the interest of the customer. Furthermore, the application is connected to most insurance brokers and exchanges process-relevant data.

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