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Ste­fan Reh­met, 24plus Mana­ging Direc­tor sin­ce 2019.

As Mana­ging direc­tor, Ste­fan Reh­met takes respon­si­bi­li­ty to build and ope­ra­te a Ger­ma­ny- and Euro­pe-wide grou­pa­ge net­work on behalf of the 24plus share­holers. He also is in char­ge for the brand buil­ding of the per­for­mance brand 24plus logistics network.

Hub ope­ra­ti­on starts at 9 pm. The last truck departs at 2 am.

All sys­tem part­ners of 24plus in Ger­ma­ny and Euro­pe ser­ve the cen­tral hub nightly.

During the night­time, the load of 70 trucks is unloa­ded and loaded.

This makes 700 metric tons in a night. the lion’s share is pro­du­ced by direkt links bet­ween 24plus partners.

Every sin­gle packa­ge is scan­ned at every inter­va­ce. The con­sign­ment sta­tus is pro­ces­sed in real-time systems.

The cen­tral mailroom.

24plus part­ners in Ger­ma­ny and Euro­pe form a LCL net­work covering all of Euro­pe with direct links bet­ween the indi­vi­du­al part­ners and hub links, all fol­lowing a fixed schedule.

The cen­tral hub in Hauneck near Bad Hers­feld is loca­ted geo­gra­phi­cal­ly in the cent­re of Germany’s Auto­bahn sys­tem and thus in the cent­re of Europe.

Pla­ced around the basic pro­duct LCL, 24plus deve­lo­pes inno­va­ti­ve logisti­cal value added ser­vices which offer clear­ly defi­ned fea­tures and stan­dar­di­zed processes.

First sta­ti­on at arri­val is the cen­tral mail­room. Dri­vers deli­ver their docu­ments. After­wards, the con­trol sta­ti­on assigns the dri­ver an unloading bay.

Every part­ner arri­ves with a full trai­ler and gets anloa­ded in a spe­cial unloading zone. Then the dri­ver pulls the empty trai­ler to a spe­cial paring zone. At day­ti­me, a switch­man pulls the empty trai­ler to the loading zone.

About 60 empoyees are working in the night­ly cross-docking.

A spe­cial­ty is the trip­le-cir­cuit under­ground conveyorbelt.

In the con­troll cen­ter all infor­ma­ti­on comes together.

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