(Ger­ma­ny) GmbH

Address: Ham­mer­brook­str. 47b

City: 20097 Hamburg

Coun­try: Germany

Pho­ne:+49 (40) 238890-0

Fax: +49 (40) 238890-90




Glo­bal Net­work: 350 Ser­vice Points

Sea­car­go part­ner for 24plus

  • Sea­car­go
  • Dis­tri­bu­ti­on logistics worldwide
  • Pro­cu­re­ment logistics worldwide
  • Cus­toms clearance

24plus is the first Euro­pe-wide LCL co-ope­ra­ti­on to wel­co­me a sea freight pro­vi­der, ECU WORLDWIDE, into the net­work of part­ners. This makes it pos­si­ble for all 24plus part­ners to par­ti­ci­pa­te in sea freight tran­sac­tions and to dis­tri­bu­te and pro­cu­re LCL goods all over the world.

ECU WORLDWIDE is a Non-Ves­sel Ope­ra­ting Com­mon Car­ri­er (NVOCC) and thus not a ship­ping com­pa­ny with their own ships, but an inde­pen­dent trans­port ser­vice pro­vi­der who co-ope­ra­tes with pro­ven and effi­ci­ent ship­ping com­pa­nies. ECU WORLDWIDE con­cen­tra­tes on LCL busi­ness. Main hand­ling sta­ti­on for 24plus LCL are ECU WORLDWIDE's dedi­ca­ted con­tai­ner packing sta­ti­ons at Ham­burg port and Bre­men port. Con­sign­ments from the 24plus net­work arri­ve the­re every day, are loa­ded into con­tai­ners and pro­ces­sed for shipping.

ECU WORLDWIDE is com­ple­te­ly inte­gra­ted with 24plus data net­work which allows tracking and tra­cing and world­wi­de pro­cu­re­ment of LCL con­sign­ments. The asso­cia­ted 24plus part­ner ECU WORLDWIDE (Ger­ma­ny) GmbH is a sub­si­dia­ry of the glo­bal­ly acti­ve ECU WORLDWIDE Group. The group ope­ra­tes from more than 350 ser­vice points all over the world and is one of the lea­ding NVOCCs. ECU WORLDWIDE com­ple­ments the core packa­ge of sea freight ser­vices with nume­rous other con­vin­cing services.

ECU WORLDWIDE (Ger­ma­ny) GmbH

Ham­mer­brook­stra­ße 47B,
20097 Hamburg

24plus Systemverkehre

GmbH & Co. KG

Blaue Lie­de 12
36282 Hauneck-Unter­haun
Tel. +49 (0) 6621/9208-0
Fax +49 (0) 6621/9208-19


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