24plus logistics network is an efficient general cargo cooperation. System partners in Germany and Europe form a LCL network covering all of Europe with direct links between the individual partners and hub links, all following a fixed schedule.

The partners of 24plus are qualified forwarding companies with great competence in LCL logistics. LCL consignments, including hazmat, are processed using defined standards of performance and integrated logistical processes in the 24plus network.

24plus logistics network organizes LCL in a systematic and efficient way.

24plus logistics network provides a comprehensive network für LCL distribution and procurement. With more than five million groupage cargo consignments a year 24plus is one of the leading LCL system networks in Europe.

Placed around the basic product LCL, 24plus developes innovative logistical value added services which offer clearly defined features and standardized processes. The aim of product development is to offer an easy process for both: customers and partners. The offer includes appointment services with several time intervals in delivery, international services in ground transport and additional services such as procurement logistics, returns-management, cash on delivery and frost-free LCL delivery.

The processes within the LCL net of 24plus involve a high IT usage. All partners are integrated in a data network. Each consignment that passes through the 24plus net is recorded electronically and monitored at all stages of the packing level. Consignment data is faster than the physical flow of goods, allowing the 24plus partners a pro-active disposition. The scan records are transmitted to the information systems in real-time.

24plus at a glance

  • Established: 1996
  • Shareholders among partners: 15
  • Partners: 68 Depots
  • Tonnage 2021:
  • Consignments 2021: 5,38 Mio. national, 4,69 Mio. international

Quality management: All the 24plus partners are continuously controlled by internal and external audits. The quality management system of 24plus logistics network is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.