The Central Hub

The central hub: The main traffic centre

The central hub in Hauneck near Bad Hersfeld is located geographically in the centre of Germany’s Autobahn system and thus in the centre of Europe.

Overnight delivery on a daily base

All system partners of 24plus in Germany and Europe serve the central hub nightly. Within a few hours up to 70 trucks arrive there, are unloaded then reloaded with individual packages for their recipients and dispatched. The central hub was established in 1999, expanded in 2008 and today is still one of the most modern handling companies for general cargo in Europe.

Optimised double decker loading

For the hub links standardised trailers are used, featuring double decker loading for optimal space usage.

The central hub of 24plus in Hauneck: Facts and figures

  • Conveniently situated in the centre of Germany’s Autobahn system with motorway connections in all directions.
  • Optimal connection to the A4 motorway (500 metres from the Bad Hersfeld junction)
  • 60,000 square metres of land
  • 5,200 square metres of cross docking space
  • 104 loading docks
  • 70 nightly served connections
  • Modern handling technology (triple-circuit underground conveyorbelt)
  • Cross docking capacity 250 tonnes per hour
  • 700 tonnes LCL/4,000 packages handled on average per night
  • 60 employees in the central hub on average per night