Further Education and Development

Further Education and Development​

The forwarding and logistics business is developing dynamically. The tempo of innovation is high. Ensuring future success is dependent on employees who constantly undergo further training. 24plus offers tailored training of different formats to all partners.

The complete program as well as further information is available for our 24plus partners on the 24plus portal.

Education Cooperations

24plus cooperates with select competent education partners. Among these are the Bildungsakademie Spedition, Logistik & Verkehr in Frankfurt, a Germany-wide educational institute driven by the Forwarder’s association in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, and other institutes. partners can book training with the education partners at special rates. In part, the educational institutions provide training offers designed for and developed with 24plus.

Dedicated programs

24plus has developed its own training formats beyond the offers of the education partners. These primarily convey content pertaining to products and processes.

Face-to-face training and new media

Depending on the topic, face-to-face or online training takes place. The own programs, for instance IT trainings, also make use of new media. Some of these trainings are hold as interactive webinars.

Azubi-Exchang©e: Out into the world

One offer of 24plus is the Azubi-Exchang©e. In the course of an internship over several weeks, trainees of the partners have the opportunity to get to know another partner company at home or abroad, see interesting cities, meet many people and make new friends.