Sustainability in Logistics

More and more customers make their decision for a logistics service provider according to environmental protection and sustainability criteria.

For 24plus, economy and ecology complement each other. Commercial vehicle technology still does not offer vehicles ready for serial production that are equipped with alternatives drives. Though, the in local traffic hybrid vehicles are already in use. In long-distance traffic alternative drives are currently beeing tested.

The determining factors for the transport-related emission values ​​are utilization, the stop density in the suburban traffic, the routing of the main races, the vehicle fleet and the behavioral component of the employees, above all the driver. These are at the same time the adjusting screws for the economy in the general cargo forwarding. A low-carbon logistics is therefore basically an economic and efficient logistics.

An important step towards more sustainability is to create transparency about logistics-related emissions and to identify the areas of the logistics chain where greenhouse gas emissions are particularly high. This is the prerequisite for being able to develop effective countermeasures