The idea behind 24plus logistics network: Co-operation

Customers demand from their LCL forwarding agency strict running times in all target areas in Germany and Europe, integrated standards of quality and information in the form of tracking and tracing consignments and statistical performance records.

These demands can be met only by high-performance LCL networks nowadays. 24plus is an LCL network formed by high-performance, local LCL forwarding agencies cooperating on the basis of a fixed body of rules and standards.

A corporation based on partnership

24plus logistics network is a corporation based on partnership. Every 24plus partner in the logistics chain, especially the recipient partner, follows up on the performance promise the commissioning forwarding agency made to the customer.

Local LCL competence –  Europe-wide

The corporate LCL network provides  every 24plus partner with the solutions he needs for successful participation in the LCL market:

  1. An Europe-wide LCL network with uniform products at a high quality and performance level.
  2. A data network, which allows structured communication between the 24plus partners by the means of EDI-clearing.
  3. Information logistics made to measure: Real-time Tracking and Tracing and statistical data with multiple reporting options.
  4. Logistical value-added services with 24plus products.