Press Images

Press Images

Stefan Rehmet, 24plus Managing Director since 2019.

As Managing director, Stefan Rehmet takes responsibility to build and operate a Germany- and Europe-wide groupage network on behalf of the 24plus shareholers. He also is in charge for the brand building of the performance brand 24plus logistics network.

Hub operation starts at 9 pm. The last truck departs at 2 am.

All system partners of 24plus in Germany and Europe serve the central hub nightly.

During the nighttime, the load of 70 trucks is unloaded and loaded.

This makes 700 metric tons in a night. the lion’s share is produced by direkt links between 24plus partners.

Every single package is scanned at every intervace. The consignment status is processed in real-time systems.

The central mailroom.

24plus partners in Germany and Europe form a LCL network covering all of Europe with direct links between the individual partners and hub links, all following a fixed schedule.

The central hub in Hauneck near Bad Hersfeld is located geographically in the centre of Germany’s Autobahn system and thus in the centre of Europe.

Placed around the basic product LCL, 24plus developes innovative logistical value added services which offer clearly defined features and standardized processes.

First station at arrival is the central mailroom. Drivers deliver their documents. Afterwards, the control station assigns the driver an unloading bay.

Every partner arrives with a full trailer and gets anloaded in a special unloading zone. Then the driver pulls the empty trailer to a special paring zone. At daytime, a switchman pulls the empty trailer to the loading zone.

About 60 empoyees are working in the nightly cross-docking.

A specialty is the triple-circuit underground conveyorbelt.

In the controll center all information comes together.

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